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Suzuki Jimny pickup is seriously super cute

Suzuki Jimny pickup is seriously super cute
That while this Suzuki Jimny pickup also wants to be so tough. Being born with a baby face is something that (basically) happened to all of us. Retaining that face, however, is for few. John Legend and Marc Overmars perhaps. The disadvantage may be that you are not taken seriously. Marine With this Suzuki Jimny pickup this is also a bit the case. Look how cute this cart is! It's just the cool outfit that does it. Dark green paint, black steel rims, black bumpers. It's like your four-year-old nephew's wearing a Marine's makeup. Purebred The nice thing is, the Jimny is actually a purebred off-roader. So that Chevrolet Traverse of a few articles back is actually a high station wagon. This Suzuki Jimny pickup with its permanent four-wheel drive, low gearing and ladder chassis is a serious tool. Cute So this Suzuki can actually be used as a company car. Especially with this one, because at the back we see a pickup body. Well, cargo box. The size makes it so cute. For the time being, the small off-road tractor with cargo box is only available in New Zealand. Jimny 'JX' The Suzuki Jimny pickup is only available in the simple "JX" version. So that's why the sober equipment makes it so cool. You can also recognize the JX by the mirrors and handles that are not painted in colour, as well as by the halogen headlights. Sober Also in the interior is very sober in this trolley. You only get a simple radio CD player. For the hipsters who do not know what a CD is: that is a kind of LP, but more practical, more convenient and with better sound quality. Furthermore, the steering wheel is made of plastic, the seat upholstery of fabric and the curtain airbags have been removed. Working pony Thanks to the ladder chassis you can make anything you want from a Jimny. Everything looks neatly in proportion. A handy extra is the tow bar. In short, you need a car with serious off-road qualities: this Jimny pickup is an excellent working pony. Whether the Suzuki Jimny pickup also comes to the Netherlands is not known.
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