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BMW X3 with M3 engine is cheap

A BMW X3 with M3 engine. Could that be what?

Sometimes manufacturers miss the mark, just after they've reached a couple of huge milestones. Take (not coincidentally) BMW as an example. Just after the turn of the millennium the Germans did some very good things.

Top model

A top model of the X3 has never appeared. Indeed, the most powerful BMW X3 of this generation was a diesel, the X3 xDrvie35d with 286 hp and 580 Nm. But what to do if you had an aversion to satan juice? You could get to work yourself. From a technical point of view the X3 is for a large part equal to the 3 Series (E46), so why not get the best engine of that?

Think of the M3 CSL, Z4, X5 and 7 Series. Not to mention the new Mini and the Rolls Royce Phantom. Probably all the inspiration was completely gone when designing and developing the X3 (E83). On paper it was a winner, but on asphalt it didn't quite work out at first.

That's exactly what happened to the X3 you see in the pictures. This is an X3 with an M3 engine. This makes it a bit of a strange Frankenstein creation. A high speed six-in-line in an SUV doesn't feel right. According to the owner everything has been neatly done and the car has had a lot of maintenance. From what we can see, it all seems to fit perfectly.


What is noticeable is that the X3 itself does not dry up very nicely. The exterior looks dated and artificial. The black bumpers were supposed to look tough at the time, but now it looks like an X3 in crisis specification. Unfortunately that is the most beautiful side of the X3, because the interior is even more dated. Especially this one with grey interior can hardly withstand the ravages of time.


That makes the combination with the S54B32 even more fun, actually. Nobody expects this relatively boring X3 to have as much as 343 hp and 360 Nm under the hood. A real sleeper, then. Also nice, besides the M3 engine you also have a six-speed manual gearbox at your disposal. Like all other X3's of this generation, this sleeper is equipped with four-wheel drive. For the money you don't have to leave it, because you have it for less than 10 grand! One of the cheapest ways to get the coolest engines of all time.

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